1. Examination Registration

Examination entry must be made on the proper forms and be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee.


Examination Registration

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Examination entry forms together with examination dates are sent to all members six weeks before the final closing date. This gives members plenty of time to plan and register in time. The main reason we send out these forms six weeks in advance is to accommodate all sorts of problems members may encounter before the closing date. Even if you were hospitalized during the last week of the closing date, the fact is you had plenty of time to register before that week. Members are therefore urged to register in time and not to wait until the last minute because they do not know what might happen to prevent them from registering

Members do not have to come to the Institute to register. They can either post their examination entry forms together with the relevant fee or send someone if they are busy to come themselves. It is very very important to do a follow up before the closing date to check whether your form has been received by the institute. Forms sent without the exam fee will be sent back to members.


The official closing date for the acceptance of examination entries are:

Last working day of February, for the April Examination sitting.

Last working day of August, for the October Examination sitting

(Please refer to Institute dates)

Only those entry forms posted or handed in on or before these dates will qualify for acceptance without payment of penalty fees.

2. 2. Late entries and penalty fees

Late entries (i.e. those received after the official closing date) will be accepted provided that either of the following two requirements are met.

(a) If the entry was posted to the institute and the envelope franked by the Post Office before the official closing date and received at the instituteís offices within a reasonable delivery period.

(b) A penalty fee (refer to Institute fees) over and above the normal examination entrance fee per subject is payable for the late entries received after the closing date (and before the Penalty Closing date) and must be included with the late entry.

No exception will be made on account of entries or correspondence lost or delayed in transmission. Candidates should post their entries in good time preferably by registered mail.

N.B. No late entries will be accepted after the Penalty Closing Dates.

3. Refunds and change of subject/venue

- Examination fees are not refundable.

Candidates wishing to cancel one or more of the subjects they have entered for are free to do so but should note that examination fees are only refundable before the first closing date subject to the deduction of an administration fee per subject Ė refer to schedule of fees.

If candidates wish to write a subject or subjects different for those originally entered for the same rules applicable to late entries will apply. Approval must be obtained from the Education/Examinations Manager. Candidates are urged to consult the examination timetable in this regard.

Candidates should note that a request for a change in examination centre must be submitted for approval to the Education/Examinations Manager. Only if provision can be made in time will candidates be allowed to sit at a new centre. The institute does not accept responsibility if a candidate is unable to write owing to a last minute transfer. A fee will be charged for a change of venue after the closing date - refer to schedule of fees. The Education/Examinations Managerís decision is final.

4. Postponement of Exams

If for some reason a student is prevented from writing the examination due to unforeseen circumstances, a student may send a written request to the Institute asking to postpone her/his examinations to the next sitting. The requests should include relevant reasons for postponing your exams and be accompanied by supporting documents. For example, if during the week of the examination you were sick and were hospitalized, your request has to be accompanied by a letter from the doctor. Students should note that these fees have to be used for the following sitting only. If for some reason the student does not use the exam fee for the next sitting the examination fee will be forfeited.

The closing dates for these requests are as follows:

1. April Examinations - First working day of May every year.
2. October Examinations - First working day of November every year.

Any request received after these closing dates will not be considered and the entire examination fee will be forfeited.

Members should also note that they are allowed to carry only one subject forward to the next stage not more. E.g. If you have passed 3 subjects at the Certificate in Banking and you are left with 1 subject to complete, you can take this subject together with some subjects from the next stage, which is the Intermediate Diploma. But if you are left with two subjects or more you will not be allowed do some subjects at the next stage until you have passed those subjects. The carried subject must be passed before progress to subsequent further stages, for example, one certificate level subject can be carried forward to the Intermediate Diploma level, but this certificate subject may not be carried forward to the Associate Diploma Stage I.

5. Examination Timetable

The examination timetable is a very important part of your study programmes, therefore it should be your first point of reference when planning your studies.

Students should make sure they get a copy of the examination timetable at the beginning of each term so that they can plan which subject to take. Referring to the exam timetable will enable a student not to study subjects scheduled to be written at the same time.

6. Examination Advice and Identity

Examination Advice, stating the subjects a student has entered for, examination dates and examination venue is sent to candidates a week after the final closing date of the registration of exams. Candidates are required to bring with them their identities to the exam. A passport, a driverís license and an Omang card will be accepted as forms of identities.

The invigilator has a right to send you back if you do not have an identity.

7. Release of Examination Results

Examination results are released approximately two months after the examination sitting. These results are send to all individuals and a printout is also prepared and sent to all our Corporate Members (Banks).

Examination Results will NOT be given over the telephone or by fax.

The pass mark is 50% and requests for remarking of scripts will not be considered. The decision of the examiner and moderator is final and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.

8. Fees

Students are urged to pay all fees owed to the Institute at all times. Membership fees should also be paid by the first day of January each year.

Course fees should also be paid before the first day of the commencement of the classes. Please note that course fee is fixed regardless of the number of classes attended. Failure to pay these fees will result in the institute: -

a) Having to seek assistance from your employers.
b) Withholding the examination results until all fees owed are paid.

If there is anything that members need clarification on, please do not hesitate to contact the institute at 3952493.

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