a) Our Institute is one of the few to offer tuition classes. The BIOB takes an active role in providing effective tuition support. Training lectures are conducted in Gaborone for ALL subjects to assist members in preparing for the examinations. Lectures can also be conducted in other centres outside Gaborone provided suitable lecturers are identified to lead the classes; a minimum of requirement of six students per class is met and most importantly members are committed to attending these lectures. No attendance fee was charged to Ordinary Members in the past but a minimal course fee per subject (refer to schedule of fees) is now charged to help meet the increasing costs of hiring part-time lecturers, and will hopefully have the desired effect of improving members' commitment to regular attendance of classes.

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Members from outside centres may also register to study by correspondence and purchase the relevant study material from the institute. Past examination question papers (questions, suggested solutions & Examiners comments) may also be purchased from the institute at a minimum fee (refer to schedule of fees).

Affiliate Members are required to pay an attendance fee for each subject they enroll for. We have two academic terms per annum to cater for each examination sitting.

Each class is of 2-hour duration (5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m.), only selected subjects have duration of 3 hours (5:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.). Classes are held once weekly for each subject. Revision seminars are held during the last week prior to examinations.

N.B. Purchase of BIOB study material is compulsory. Classes are optional.

b) Study Materials
Members can purchase the recommended BIOB tuition material direct from the Institute. All members are required to purchase the relevant study material before they will be admitted to write the examinations

c) Financial Assistance
Most of our Corporate Members offer financial assistance to examination candidates on their staff. The degree of financial assistance differs among the various financial institutions - but is substantial in most instances in Botswana.


The Institute offers a Certificate Course, and a two-stage Diploma leading to Associateship of the Botswana Institute of Bankers (A.B.I.B).

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30 ::. Accounting 1

31 ::. Principles of Law

32 ::. Elements of Banking

33 ::. Principles of Management

34 ::. Introductions to Economics

35 ::. Business Communications



36 ::. Accounting 2

37 ::. Law Relating to Banking

38 ::. Management Practices

39 ::. Introduction to Investment

Plus 1 from the following:

40 ::. Taxation , or

41 ::. Statistics



42 ::. Lending

43 ::. International Trade Finance

44 ::. Monetary and Financial Systems

45 ::. Strategic Marketing Management


45 ::. Investment Management


Associate Diploma In Banking
Graduate with ABIB Award


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